I know mostly everyone is going to look at the porn on the site and maybe look for my dick pictures but I thought id let everyone know what exactly this site is and what I am trying to accomplish.

Well I am trying to accomplish getting my dick sucked and make some money.

I had no intention of starting an onlyfans or a pornsite or anything like that, I just would always take pictures of me fucking girls and shared them with the homies. Figured I just share them with ALL the homies now, kinda like is anyone up!? lol.

The quality might not be the best and that’s alright, I don’t need your money but I do need that nut.

Also, there is a lot of losers who are OBSESSED with me still and I just want to show them how lame and miserable their lives are.

I have been using the netflix documentary to get even better pussy than I have ever had in my life.

It’s weird, I am going to all these countries and no one can understand how I went to prison for the reason I did. Americans are such pussies.

Anyway, I wrote my book in prison and have all these cool stories and I figured instead of stupid little stories, I can just show everyone what I do.

I hope you enjoy it.

Later Skater ✌️

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