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Fucking Alejandra, God damn she had the most perfect ass. This is actually such a weird way that I met this girl. She actually lives really far but we are both gym rats and know the same friends. I was looking for someone to do a new leg work out with because iv been slacking on legs, iv been doing back more..anyway no one cares. My friend told me to add their friend on instagram and send me her instagram for working out. Dude I could not believe how fucking hot her friend was. This girl, has the most perfect ass and she has been working on her ass for years and it shows.

When we went to hang out, she showed up in this tiny little leather legging get up and low cut top and she was not shy and crazy out going, a lot of these girls I will meet put up this fucking front like their celebrities or someshit, I fucking hate that. It’s so LA,NYC,MIA. Its mad annoying and makes me not even want to talk to them, I seriously do not care how hot you are, that shit is just annoying as fuck.

Anyway, we had a bad ass dinner and when we had dinner she asked me what I did and I told her about netflix and how I sold my last company and all this other shit and iv been just traveling. She watched the trailer to the netflix documentary at dinner and was cracking the fuck up. Why does everyone have this reaction? I mean I have the same reaction because those people are so fucking dumb and lame and its been 12 fucking years bro, no one cares.

I told her about how I was thinking of doing onlyfans and right away, she was like “you can take pictures of my ass and I will suck your dick but I wont fuck you. When do you wanna do it?”. I was like shit, lets do it right now what the fuck. We ordered some shots and went back to my place and we did these pictures and a video of her sucking my dick. She is so awesome and we are still friends to do this day but she lives so far! I want to be able to fuck her next time. I will post the videos on onlyfans.

I legit will say she has the best ass ever. I buried my fucking face in that fucker, I could have died right then and everything would have been fine. I truly felt at peace and all my worries were gone.


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MODEL: Hunter

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