Maria Fernanda – Bottle Girl



I will be writing stories under each of these posts, about each one of my adventures and the girls Iv fucked or let suck my little dick. Maria, was the first girl I met when I got to Colombia. I went to this little weird club and grabbed a beer after 17 hours on a plane!

I stopped in and grabbed a corona and right away she was trying to speak english to me and we had a few laughs, I already wanted to fuck her obviously I am a disgusting little fucker so I played along plus her tits are fucking huge and I wanted to see them milkers. I had not seen any big Colombia milkies yet so I was ready to go.

After a few beers, I was asking her where I could get some cocaine (devil emoji), and she laughed and said 25k pesos sir. Obviously gave her 100k, hahaha. That is like $11 dollars. Anyway, some dude came on a scooter and gave me 5 bags of cocaine, some of the best cocaine I have ever had in my life.

Anyway, we traded whatsapp’s and became friends right away and started texting. I told her who I was and everything about netflix and she thought how fucking stupid that was. She didn’t understand how I went to prison for that. I completely agreed ;).

I told her I wanted to start an onlyfans and she should be my model. She didn’t even laugh or anything, just said when? lol. She came over the next morning and we did these pictures. She let me suck on her titties and play with her pussy but that was it. She said we will do a better “video” next time.

That night I went out and got hella fucked up, partied like crazy and fucked some random whore. I was coked out of my mind jacking off, trying to get that coke nut so I could finally fall asleep. *phone vibrates* its Maria Fernanda, fuckin hell! She said, “hey wanna do that video?”!! Fuck yeahhhh. I told her to get her ass over here.

She came over, didnt even say anything really, just came over and started sucking my dick. Busted the fattest nut!! We just layed down and watch tiktok’s after the nut and asked if I am into anal? She said next time I can fuck her ass.

And she let me… I will post the photo’s here soon and videos on the onlyfans.

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