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Melissa Fresa She Wanted To Start Her Onlyfans


Melissa Fresa is a little bit older than what I normally do videos with. I like 18-22 year old latina’s who like to get ran through. haha. She is about 27 and has a ton of tattoo’s and is friends with Camila the other big tit babe here I fucked in her ass and came in her ass. She is such a cool chick and honestly can suck dick like a god damn champion. I am not sure if you guys can tell from the pictures but she had my cock so hard! She also just got her pussy tighten surgery the other day and wanted me to fuck her pussy and try it out. She was very scared but was over here the other night drunk fingering her pussy for me.

She also loves to do anal so if you guys like her let me know and I will do a anal fuck video with her just @ me on twitter.

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MODEL: Hunter

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