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This is Vane or Vane Vanessa, I have added her to the model list here and I will post here what I have posted there so I don’t have to repeat it lol.

I met Vane Vanessa through my friend Camila who had met her one night at a club the same night I met Camila and we had a crazy threesome together and did a bunch of blow one night lol. We were really good friends and had a great time together. If you notice she is in the picture on the side here on my page. If you like tiny tiny tattoo’d latina amateure teens who love to get fucked. She is it.

She is a very fun and cute girl with super cute tattoos and a great personality. I am pretty sure you guys do not care about that shit but she can fuck you like a god damn lion queen. She can suck dick and loves loves loves cum. When she is sucking your dick all she talks about is having a big gringo cum load on her face. She is a real freak.

She did this cute little shoot that I hope you guys enjoy but she did not want to anything else. Unfortunately, we are still friends maybe I can talk her into more.

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MODEL: Hunter

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