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Maria Fernanda Anal Casting


This is Maria Fernanda and I have a lot of love for this girl because she is the first girl I filmed with in colombia and we became great friends and I think she just really liked the way I fucked her ass, damn near turned her inside out every time she came over. We had done a bunch of really cute photo shoots of her naked with her big ass tits and funny butthole tattoo that her and her friend got together. Liza is her friend and I busted all over her face on here too lol. If you want to watch Liza or Maria get fucked senseless you can watch all our videos on my loyalfans here:

When she came over to do this video, I had my old apartment flooded so I was staying in this super tiny little place and the lighting was fucking horrible dude and we tried everything to get it better than it ended up being so please forgive the lighting in this video. I know if you love big boob latina babes then you are going to love this set, I tried to get her asshole to gape the best I could but she is so fucking small it just did not want to open up anymore.

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Written by Hunter

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