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Valentina Baddie Colombian Casting Couch Cum Facial


Valentina Baddie Colombian Casting Couch Cum Facial, this bitch is fucking crazy. She is hot as fuck but holy fuck dude the drama my friends and I went through with this bitch is seriously insane. She is seriously mentally fucking ill but she can fuck like crazy. Crazy girls have honestly the best pussy. We shot this scene and she was coming over to do another anal creampie scene that we never go to do because on her way over she went seriously fucking insane. Which sucks because I really wanted to cum in her ass.

Anyway I hope you guys enjoy the set and if you wanna see her eat my ass and watch me fuck this little psycho bitch like crazy you can get all my videos and weekly updates here.

All the drama with her was started over a misunderstanding in a text message while she was coming over to fuck, not that you care but she then told me she was going to cut my penis off and had done it before lol and send me a picture of a bloody penis cut off. I reversed image searched it and found it on a meme site and sent it to her and then she blocked me lol.

What do you think?

Written by Hunter

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