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ESTEFFA RICO Latina Babe Model Bio


This is ESTEFFA RICO one of the cutest and sexiest latina sluts I have gotten to work with! With a great personality and beautiful little face and a soaking wet pussy to match! if you’re into slim thick latinas then you will like our video we did together, she fucked like crazy and took a huge cum facial at the end of our video together and you can watch all our videos together here on my loyalfans so make sure you support the homie.

She is one of those girls when you met, she is friendly and fun and up-beat and is there to fuck and have fun, I have written about the other girls that come and they’re in a horrible mood and are just looking for an easy pay day and do not care about the job, Basically a regular chick hahah but just hard to work with. Or you will get the ones who think they are fucking 10’s and they are best a 7 on a good day and they act like they are better than you but in reality they’re just another cum dump and I just wanna cum and get them out the door. That is when it becomes a job and you’re not having fun.

You can see my old ‘hunter moore’ logo in the corner, I was using my name for a bit when I first launched everything but I felt like I should put another brand on it because there is a lot of cringy weak faggot dudes who would probably not support the videos because its me. When she came over, she got in her underwear and she got on the bed and was like “let me show you how wet my pussy is!!” and dude it was soaking wet! she got on the bed and was fucking herself, She was ready to go!

I didnt even care anymore about the video I was fully blooded up and ready to fuck! Yeeeeee! I mean look at this girl she is bad as fuck, cute body, beautiful little face. Super cute. We had a great a time and fucked a few times and went and got some drinks. She ended up getting a boyfriend and is now caming on I think chaturbate? They always come back thought little homie so do not worry! Make sure you join my onlyfans

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Written by Hunter

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