Is Signing Up To Brazzers Worth It Anymore


As a creep like you, I still like to buy porn but I refuse to pay for some slurts onlyfans page, not because I dont want to give a slut some money, actually thats what it is but I have a lifetime ban from onlyfans because of my netflix documentary and I just give them my money because fuck them.

I am just so happy that Mia Khalifa got dropped by playboy recently for supporting hamas, I mean I really could give a fuck what a dead rat on the side of the roads opinion is on hamas and Israel and I think even less of what Mia Khalifa’s opinions are on anything. I seriously cant stand that stupid bitch.

Anyway, I also have a lifetime pornhub ban also so as you can see, I don’t want to give brazzers money also because the parent company that owns brazzers owns pornhub also ‘manwin’ or whatever the new re-brand is today because of the whole child trafficking’s and refusing to take the videos down thing. Yet I go to prison for being mean lol.

Anyway, I have to say if you want to buy some really awesome 4k porn videos like the Mia Khalifa’s OG porn videos than its safe to say you should buy them. Actually if you want to see that funny little mole near her asshole you should for sure buy a quick subscription.

I wanted to get the old bangbus videos that I grew up on with dirty sanchez and all those funny as fuck videos from back in the day so I went ahead and bought a subscription and you can do a free day trial and then rip the videos here. Its only $2 dollars for the day but you have to cancel right after because they will hit you with the recurring billing for like $49.99, fuck that! If you want to get bang for your buck check out my loyalfans and support the homies. I know this seems like an add but at least you wont have your bank account barebacked by a huge corporation that banned me for life from their products because of my netflix documentary but refused to take down human trafficking’s videos and child exploitation.

What do you think?

Written by Hunter

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