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We Are Now On Redgifs


I thought id share this with the homies, as you guys are always asking me for free logins to my main pornsite here if you want to join ;). You’re probably wondering what redgifs is, its basically just a social media pornsite for animated images “gifs” if i Have to teach you what a gif is, then bro I cannot help you.

It’s pretty much a replacement for that shit hole imgr site that fags on reddit use to post on there porno sub-reddits. I don’t think I can explain how much I think reddit and the retards who use it are so fucking inbred inner city liberal moron but this is not about that this is about my porno.

Wait real quick I do use it to make fun of that moron brendan schaub and go on fighter and the kid sub-reddit, been clowning that moron from 7k. I am pretty OG lol.

Anyway, if you guys would like to check out a bunch of the highlights from all the models we have you can check out our redgifs and feel free to jack off to them. Redgifs is actually a really cool site because they gives zero fucks about who I am and let me be on the platform. That is why I enjoy sticking with them and bringing traffic to their site. Anyway gay weirdo liberal nerd sites that ban I do not fuck with, like Pornhub. They ban me!?!?! yet made money off CP, bruh. Fuck these weirdo liberal nerds.

check it out here

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Written by Hunter

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