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FAE TALASI Latina Midget Model Bio


Hey guys, this is FAE TALASI this super super tiny tiny little latina I met through a friend who wanted to start doing porn and I am so glad she trusted me with doing her first video! She is tiny tiny tiny I think she is maybe 4’9? Now she is not like a normal midget with the weird fucked up body with the big ass and weird little t-rex arms, she is a normal human but just smaller than normal ones. Now if you have not scene the video, don’t worry I will post some clips below you can watch but do yourself and favor (and me) and sign up to the loyalfans I have all the girls and updates of new porno girls on there, so sign up here.

When we met, we were laughing so hard because I am around 6’3 and she is 4’9 and we were wondering how this would work but she said I can do whatever, she always wanted a big gringo to fuck the shit out of her and I picked her little ass up and through her around. She got my cock hard and compared it to her arm and leg and we were cracking up. She was like “Oh my god!! You’re going to stretch my pussy!”. Which is really hot. Now she isn’t like a super hot model type or cute teen I usually like to fuck, she is just your average super tiny latina slut who likes to fuck and I could not pass it up and you would not also!

I mean check out the video above, (yeah I know she did not get tested in time so I had to wear a condom) but look how big my cock looks inside her pussy! She was like squealing and cumming on my dick it was so insane to fuck someone so tiny. I had her upside down, spun around shit I almost turned her little ass inside out haha. I put my finger in her asshole to see how tight that was too. I am sick fuck I swear to god.

As you can see I had her ride my dick in this position I forget what its called but I really like the way it looks on film, fucking this way is annoying though you cant see shit but on film it looks awesome and normally its so hard to fuck like this because its just a very weird position but the smaller they are the easier it is to do and with her it felt like I had one of those feather down pillows on my dick lol. I hope you guys really enjoy this scene. I like to make my money back you know taking care of the girls and taxi’s etc.. and then I will bring them back and Id love to have her back for you guys because Id like to bareback her next time and really feel that midget latina pussy. Anyway hope you guys enjoy this scene and make sure you join the loyalfans!

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Written by Hunter

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