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LAURENT VANITY Teen Latina Model Gallery Casting


This is LAURENT VANITY and as always you guys can watch me creampie her teen latina pussy here and much much more, we did about 4 or 5 videos together. This is one of the last videos we did recently but she is coming over for a lesbian video in a few weeks with her super hot friend. Anyway, this video was a big nasty creampie video and we had fun filming it of course and these are the photo’s we took before we did the scene.

The thing with Laurent is that she has this really big tits that she loves to fuck your dick with and sometimes you gotta be like dude, let me fuck your pussy real quick what the fuck haha. I have been getting messages from you guys in the discord and on the intagram account wanting her contact information and I can send you guys whatever you need if you subscribe to the loyalfans ( I would just have to ask her and get her permission of course. I cant just be giving out her personal social media and whats app to some random bro on the internet. If this interests you , you can always message me on loyalfans I answer all my dm’s.

LAURENT VANITY Teen Latina Model Gallery Casting

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