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Have you guys seen this new model Aria Khan yet? Holy fuck she has the perfect body. At least for me, she has the prefect body type I search for in a girl and for all the videos I do! She has come out of nowhere so lets take a little look at her and if their are any onlyfans leaks of Aria that you can fap too so you can fap before you buy.

Aria is only 18 and has been popping up more and more on reddit over the last year and has now taken over the all time posts on a lot of the videos on some of the biggest teen porn sub-reddits. It’s really crazy how she has taken over and she is really hard to ignore because she is so fucking pretty and her body is insane with a super cute tiny little puffy pussy.

As she stands right now on the rankings on onlyfans she is in TOP 0.29% of all the models on onlyfans and to do that in a year or less than a year is insane! If you go to her fansmetics it says she is making 💰 Earns ~$1.6k — $6.4k+. There is no fucking way, she is killing it and her sub’s and ppvs alone I am sure she is pulling that much in a day.

She also has this cute little friend Ill post a blog about for you guys too and they have been doing a lot of content together and shes like half white / asian combo, cute and good little pussy on her too but back to aria, her onlyfans content is straight up as the kids say ‘mid’. I downloaded a mega leak yesterday and she doesnt show a quarter of what she shows on reddit on her paid onlyfans. Its really sad but its the same ol bait and switch a lot of these models do. You can check out a lot of her leaks here that I have found (and buy ads on) the good leaks

Let me know what you guys think about this cutie but I think until her numbers dwindle because of the trash content we wont get anything good. BUT if you want good content check out my loyalfans with all the best latina teen porn casting videos:

What do you think?

Written by Hunter

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