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Best Onlyfans DMCA Content Removal Companies


Are you an onlyfans content creator? Well let me put you on game as someone who has been in the industry for nearly 20 years. I am going to write this as I talk and as someone telling a friend so if you’re looking for some perfect grammar and an article with no real information and each link on this list being an affiliate link then you can kick rocks and head to google and get hustled. I will put you on game about DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) and the hustle these companies engage in and hustle their clients or what I see it as, is stealing.

I have been on both side of the industry black and white hat and I can tell you with 100% certainty that DMCA removal companies are a scam and they pray up-on people who don’t understand the internet and basically dumb girls and guys who are getting popular selling their adult content and they start seeing their videos pop up on “leak sites” and obviously wanting them removed because they don’t want their content for free online and thats understandable.

I will list some of the companies that do an ok job removing from your basic top leak sites and regular tube sites like xvideos and pornhub etc.. But none of these companies will work for real leak sites and those sites you can find by googling your creator name is just the start of these leak networks. You can maybe target the leaks on telegram if telegram ever replies but there are forums and massive file hosting services like bunkr and others who are hosted in places like the netherlands where DMCA and copyright infringement are not a thing and there is nothing you can do about it and no company that can remove any of this stuff. So what are you paying for? Peace of mind? No you’re just wasting your money. You aren’t spending $25 a month, these DMCA packages can cost you upwards of $400+ dollars a month for their VIP or Premium packages that in reality do nothing.

I create content obviously if you look at my site and I get sales managers from DMCA Force and other big dmca companies hitting me up daily to become a client but I Know better. These companies buy a web crawler that can run for $15 for the code and they just add your name to this crawler (creator name) and then when it crawls google or whatever search engine they have it set to, it will automatically send a removal request to google so people cant search it but the content is still there and leak sites get so good at this that when your dmca company sends a removal request, the site owners get an email from google saying they got a dmca for ‘x’ url and it is now removed from search and thats it. Now the website owner knows what content was removed and they can just change one letter in the url and its back up and re-index’ed but most site owners have a bot that do this automatically. So even if its not searchable its still on their site and big sites have users who go to every day and just search a creators name that they want lol. What I am saying is you’re wasting your fucking money!! There is nothing you can do to stop it and I think it promotes sales if I am honest.

Anyway here is a few dmca removal companies you can use if you’re interested in throwing money away.


What do you think?

Written by Hunter

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