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ALLY SAGE Teen Latina Model Bio


This is ALLY SAGE Teen Latina Model Bio, that I thought id put together for the homies, so you can see get some quick info on the girls if you’re interested because you will be seeing them get fucked by me tehehe. This little cutie Ally was actually a friend of a friend who wanted to get her onlyfans started and her friend had already filmed with me a few times and suggested she should come get some gringo dick.

When Ally first came over she was dressed very modest and comfortable you couldn’t even tell what her body was like but honestly sometimes that is the best its like a little present, until its a present you do not want haha. She said she was going to change after we did all the paper work. You have to make sure they have a valid id and are over 18 years old and have to sign a waiver and all that shit. She was very friendly and super nice, I usually like to chill and talk to them when they come over like this just to fuck, so we can see if there is going to be good vibes between us because if they’re boring and lame the video will suck ass and ill switch up from say a fuck video to jut a blowjob video on the spot because I am not going to fuck and you’re all mad and just lame. Which happens a lot more than you think and Ally did not have any of that she was in a great mood and wanted to suck some cock, she didnt want to fuck.

When she came out in her red lingerie, I was like “GOD DAMN!!!” her ass was so nice, and she just laughed and I grabbed her ass, I had too. We did the quick interview where I ask their names etc.. and we were off to the races. My dick was already hard looking at her ass. I love nothing more than small tits and a big perfect ass. Little did I know she had a cute puffy pussy with zero hair! it was so fucking smooth!

Bro look at that! Amazing fat pussy and cute little asshole. She was great and we never filmed again after this but she did text me to do a sex scene and hopefully an anal video too. I will keep you guys posted. Make sure you join the loyalfans to watch teen latina only 19 years old getting her first big white cock.

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