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Hey guys this is Ella Valentina! one of super cute big booty teens and this is a teen! She was barely 18 when we filmed our first video. All the videos from this little bio / blog of Ella is from our second video and its just as awesome but our first video is already on my loyalfans (here) and the second one is going up right after I publish blog!

I know I hate showing you guys my dick in this blog and videos lol, I know you are here for the sluts not my little dick but I really need to show you guys she had a great ass, Its like a work out ass you know? You just want to bite that shit! Ok so I met her through Luisa a super tiny cute girl I did a bunch of videos here. She said she had a friend and of course I was down but Ella was so freaked out about filming and when she texted me she goes “You don’t mind I am a darker girl right?”.. I was like “uhhhh noooo” but that was a bit of a shocker because I forget how Colombians are racist towards darker Colombians so she probably thought as she has not been around many gringos that I would be racist towards a darker girl? Weird? She’s hot and we had fun. I like her body type, cute perky tits and perky little butt and her pussy gets crazy soaking wet so I was ready!!

Besides being a super hot slutty little latina she could suck some dick dude! She was so cool and we are still friends and I wish we recorded more together but sometimes schedules just don’t click and a lot of these girls get boyfriend one day and the next they’re married and then two weeks later they’re texting me to get dicked down lol. So its always so crazy, but she is actually really small maybe around 5’2? or 5’1 and I am 6’3 (sorry for my international homies) I don’t know cm’s, I am an American we are on our own shit lol.

here is what all the work of he sucking and fucking my dick lead to, a big huge cum facial on her cute little teen face. She was so fun to fuck and of course you guys can get all my videos and new model on my loyalfans (here) Let me know if you guys want anything else. I will throw up a new teaser video of her also. I have so much work to do on my other sites I run so its been hard posting my regular blogs recently and I was sick for a week. Anyway, let me know what you guys think!


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