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LAURENT VANITY Teen Latina Model Bio


This is Laurent Vanity and one of the first girls I ever did a porn for (for my personal site), most of you know I have been involved in the industry is some form or another for years. I did a gangbang scene for a huge company when I was barely 19 at a laundry mat in San francisco years ago but back on topic.

Laurent is a babe and super cool and loves to fuck, she will be in the area and stop by and ring my door bell randomly while I am just sitting on tiktok and ask if I want to cum in her mouth or if she can come drain me lol! she is such a rad chick! it’s like the best honestly. She was texting me on whats app earlier showing me how far she has gotten her asshole to gape by herself lol! She is a true freak and she can suck the soul our of your penis. If you’re sick and not feeling well? Laurent will suck the covid right out of your dick with her throat!

She is one of those girls who have the whole throat and hand twisting motion that can make you nut super quick? I am not sure if you ever had that but god when you get one, its hard to not want to call her all the time. The problem with pro dick suckers like this is that they got good sucking a lot of cocks and are probably still sucking a lot of cocks so unless you know they come with clean STD paper work, then don’t bareback them ahaha.

Laurent got a cute little perky ass a huge boobs! She can titty fuck you and loves for her big tits to be smacked while you are fucking her. I am telling you dude she is a crazy freak! She got on top and was riding my dick and you can feel her squeezing my cock with her pussy muscles lol. When she wants to do anal she will bring over her little Enemas bag and clean herself out and her asshole will be clean as a whistle and she will stick her asshole in the air and clinch her asshole together likes it crazy.

We finished this video with a huge messy creampie video! If you guys want to see any of our videos and support me and all the projects I have going on with real amateur latina sluts, go ahead and subscribe and I always answer my dm’s on there.

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