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WUILMARI ALBUJAS Latina Casting Model Bio


Say hello to Wuilmari! She is a beautiful kind little babe who has become a friend over time and she has the perfect little body and can take a pounding! I think she just used me for my white dick because when she would fuck me she would constantly say in english “fuck me with your white cock” hahaha. Whatever though she is super hot and beautiful so I’ll be gladly used by her.

I had met her through a friend who I used to hook up with and we did a video together but she is also on my site under the name Candy and you can watch me cum on her puffy little pussy here , Make sure you guys sign up on my loyalfans and get all our videos and all the videos I have done with Wuilmari! We had done a double blowjob video with the two of them and it was really fucking because they both had such great asses and Wuilmari had just moved to Medellin. it was a perfect introduction because we ended up becoming friends and fucking a lot!

The cool thing about Wuilmari is that she comes with tricks like squirting and I fucking LOVE girls that can squirt! I swear to god there is nothing hotter, yeah yeah its pee I seriously do not give a fuck. I have had girls stand over me and squirt on my face, I am fucking disgusting dude. I once had this girl I met at Zumiez when I worked in the mall, its like a skate shop in malls in America and she was a super squirter. I would have her on her kitchen table and we would try and make her squirt and hit cups and shit to knock over while she squirted! It was so fucking hot. I wonder what happened to her…probably dead I am old now. Anyway…. yeah so Wuil can squirt and it just makes her that much hotter.

Here is the thing with Wuil lol, she hates sucking dick so she would make me promise her that she would not have to suck dick that long in our videos and we would have full on fights over how long she is going to suck some cock for but she ended up being a champ and listening to me anyway lol. I mean look at her cute little face.

She was about over it at this point here lol! Thought id just drop this one too.

We ended up having another threesome with her friend Chyna and Chyna was super cute but mad awkward dude, I mean I never knew if that bitch wanted to stab me or not but she could squirt so I was always down to fuck her too and one night she called me and asked if she could come over and fuck and we fucked. She said maybe 10 word and left. Really cool girl.

Anyway I hope you guys enjoy these blogs and Ill do one on Chyna too but if you want any of their videos make sure you join the loyalfans!!!

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Written by Hunter

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